We Are One Biker Shorts, We Are One
We Are One Biker Shorts, We Are One
We Are One Biker Shorts, We Are One
We Are One Biker Shorts, We Are One

We Are One Biker Shorts, We Are One

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Dazey LA's luxe biker shorts are buttery soft and top quality. The beautiful hand print represents choosing to find common ground and reach out to those who are different than us. These shorts are the perfect workout wear for the artsy gal who loves a bold and beautiful print! Made from the softest and strongest athletic-grade fabric, you won't ever want to take these off.

50% Organic Cotton and 50% Recycled Polyester
Ethically Made in USA

Brand + Sustainability

Clothing for people who care. Dazey empowers women through conversation. All of their collections revolve around a subject that modern women struggle with. Dazey provides a tool and space to talk about these tricky topics. Some of these include self care, inclusivity, women’s rights, and navigating the ever increasing digital world. Dazey designs have phrases on them that are simple conversation starters. Whether it’s on social media or in person, the tees serve as a tool to bring it up. They are also reminders to the wearer that they are not alone and to feel empowered. Dazey believes conversation and education creates change. They use their tees and social media presence to do just that. Dazey doesn't have customers, they have a community that feels heard and understood by the Dazey brand and platform.

Dazey apparel is hand drawn and handmade to order in LA. Dazey creates the clothing to order in an effort to have ZERO waste and do their best to make a positive impact on the environment, we like the call this process "Slow Fashion." All of their tees are custom made for Dazey from 100% certified organic cotton. Dazey believes in order to be a company that stands for empowerment that every person that touches their tees should be positively impacted. The production process is fully ethical and their garment workers are paid a living wage and work in clean safe facilities, something most fashion companies can not claim.

Product Details

Hand drawn design, printed on soft athletic grade fabric, and hand sewn in small batches. Featuring a double folded waistband that hits waste level and long shorts inseam at 7”. Made from the softest and strongest athletic-grade fabric.

Care + Size Guide

Machine wash with delicate cycle using cold water

Hang to dry or lay flat on a towel to dry to avoid shrinkage


Material allows for up to 6 inch stretch

Shipping + Returns

Our Promise


Every item we carry must meet our fair-labor and fair-trade standards, empowering people and lifting up diverse communities.


Every item must meet our material, ingredient and manufacturing standards, resulting in only the most sustainable options.


All of our items must be entirely vegan and cruelty-free, elevating our collective capacity for love, empathy and compassion.