Fair Labor and Trade

URTHWEAR Sustainability Standard

Fair Trade and Labor

As part of our Fair-Labor and Fair-Trade requirements, as well as our greater Sustainability Standard, we maintain an active Countries of Manufacture Watchlist. The purpose of this list is to govern products that are manufactured in countries with weaker laws and/or that have demonstrated a pattern of labor and trade abuse.

In line with our Ethos to expand compassion and lift up communities, we never ban any particular country as a whole. However, we do require strict and verifiable adherence to fair-labor and fair-trade standards from end manufacturers in all countries on the list, and in many cases, additional secondary verifications.

Level 1 Restriction

Countries with a Level 1 restriction must demonstrate certification and/or strict adherence to an acceptable fair-labor and fair-trade standard.

Level 2 Restriction

Countries with a Level 2 restriction must meet Level 1 requirements as well as additional audits, verifications and requests directed by URTHWEAR. Without clearance of both requirements a product cannot pass through.


    In line with our ethos, we seek and approve only products that have utilized fair-trade labor and are devoid of any animal byproducts or animal testing.

    In pursuit of products that lift people and communities up through Fair-Labor and Fair-trade, we are guided by some of the following organizations.

    Organizations & Accreditations
    Artisans du Monde
    Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)
    Certified B Corporation
    Ethical Clothing of Australia (ECA)
    European Fair Trade Association (EFTA)
    Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)
    Fairtrade America
    Fair Rubber Association
    Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand
    Fair Trade Certified
    Fair Trade Federation
    Fair Wear Foundation
    Fairtrade International
    NSF International
    World Fair Trade Org
    Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)

    The Watchlist

    Our watchlist, as well as the corresponding restrictions, expand and contract as countries evolve, laws change, and standards elevate.

    In our effort to curate the best from anywhere, products manufactured in countries on this list are treated separately and apart from products from the same brand that are manufactured in countries not on this list. 

    Country Restriction
    Bangladesh Level 2
    Brazil Level 1
    Burundi Level 2
    Cambodia Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 2
    Columbia Level 1
    DR Congo Level 2
    Egypt Level 1
    Ethiopia Level 1
    Ghana Level 1
    Level 1
    Level 1
    Indonesia Level 1

    Ivory Coast

    Level 1
    Liberia Level 1


    Level 2
    Nicaragua Level 1


    Level 1


    Level 1
    Philippines Level 2
    Qatar Level 1


    Level 1
    South Korea Level 1
    Thailand Level 1


    Level 1


    Level 1


    Level 2