A Good Mobile Case, Dusty Pink by A Good Company - Organic
A Good Mobile Case, Dusty Pink by A Good Company - Sustainable

A Good Mobile Case, Dusty Pink

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The world’s first climate-positive mobile case that is also saving the world from plastic waste. Lovingly made in Sweden, A Good Company turns the byproduct from organic linseed farming into these sleek cases that protect your phone while making both you and the planet feel good. After use, send it back to A Good Company and they'll turn it into a new one for someone else to enjoy. Or plant it in the garden where it will biodegrade. Proud to be featured in Vogue.

Made from 100% plants
Ethically Made in Sweden



Brand + Sustainability

A Good Company's mission is to eradicate mindless consumption and promote sustainable living, preserving the planet for future generations. They are a brand for those that do not want to compromise between design & sustainability. Products are made with features you never saw before, leading in innovation and guided by sustainability - made from the earth, for the earth.

A Good Company uses organic, natural, and recycled materials for all of their products.

Product Details

1.6 mm optimum thickness for protection without increasing bulkiness
Raised edge protects your screen
Air bumpers for drop protection
Cut outs around buttons for easy access

Care Guide

Gently wash off dirt with warm water and mild soap

Wipe with reusable towel

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